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How to Increase Pressure of Boiler?

29 September 2014 | Category: Boiler Problems | Author: Administrator

Following on from the previous blog post: we follow up with today's post on simple instructions on how to check if you can increase the pressure of your boiler.

First thing to do is to check in your user manual to see if you can indeed re-pressurise the boiler yourself. Usually you can also find instructions on the rear of the control panel.

Depending on your boiler and the setup of your boiler there are essentially two ways you can increase pressure of your boiler. The first is the external filling hose and the second is the internal filling key.

If your boiler is setup in which there is an external filling hose attached below your boiler base to pipes then you firstly need to locate two taps which will be at either ends of the hose. Turn the first tap and then after that slowly turn the second tap. You will hear the water run at this point and fix your eyes to the pressure gauge on your Boiler panel. You will at this point see the pressure increase. Once it has gone passed the red zone on the gauge (around the 1 bar mark) then close the second tap. Proceed to then close the first tap.

You will now have re-pressurised your system boiler.


Stay tuned for the next blog post on the internal filling key method.

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